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GIG-cam or BIG-cam? The choice is yours...

At Microstu we believe it's all about the gig and the artist(s) performing, so we've developed our own super-light HD "GIG-cam" approach that not only fits in discretely and neatly to even the smallest venue, but also offers one of the quickest and lowest cost setups for live multicam video coverage around.

And we don't stop there, whenever required we can also setup additional soundtrack recording to suit the event (subject to full consultation with sound engineer and crew), up to full multitrack audio for subsequent mix down etc.

But if you decide you really want the full artistic capabilities of a BIG-cam setup at your event, we can arrange any size camera crew with totally outrageous full pro HD equipment and a truckload of jibs, cranes and whistles'n'bells if you want it all.

Just give us a shout and we'll sort out whatever you need to suit your ambition and budget.


Live or staged? No problem...

Need a full performance/promo video but don't have a suitable gig coming up?

No problem!

If for reasons of urgency or lack of suitable venue, you feel you can't capture a performance that does you justice visually and promotes you the way you deserve, we can set up a fully lit studio stage with multitrack recording facilites to create a brilliant multicam video in the best possible conditions.

For example, at a well-equipped studio near Coventry we can spend a full day recording and filming together as much as you like from as little as £290 (8 hours inc. cameraman and sound engineer)

or alternatively, we can come out to your own preferred rehearsal stage or suitable location (pricing subject to distance, lighting required etc.)

In fact, for larger or more ambitious bands this can often be the best way to cover extra camera angles and achieve the optimum audio take.

From simple and quick, to staged and totally impressive, we've got it covered to promote your live reputation to the max.

Just give us a shout...


Post-production options (inc. DIY!)...

So you've played a blinder, gone down a storm and all that lovely footage is "in the can" - what next then?

Well that depends on you, your mates and fans, your management, label etc.

If you booked us to film you specifically, you will most likely own the footage at this point (or if filming was offered to you on spec at an open-mic or festival-type event you will usually have the option to buyout the footage for a very modest fee per camera, if you are into DIY editing or have a willing media-friend...)

Either way, we can offer basic track by track synchronisation and mixing from as little as £45/track or £90 for 3 tracks (for basic mix of 2 views), up to £60/track (£140 for 3) for 3 cam full mix/zoom/pan/colour treatment etc. with titling (based on a typical 3 minute piece + extra £5/cam for each additional minute of mixed video).

More creative editing, additional camera views, graphics, etc. can all be quoted to your specific requirements and we can also quote for all promo/documentary/music video production, short feature work, etc. as required.

Just give us a shout...