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Crowdfunding - a new way to get your album out there?

While filming a couple of songs for our Corruptunes project, Wes Finch took the opportunity to tell us about his new album “Mayflower” and the innovative new method he wants to use to get it independently produced in physical CD form 

Footage of this explanation (filmed in Mick Dolby’s music shop) was then mixed with taster clips of the album and some bits of earlier footage in the archive, to create a neat little video advert for his “crowdfunding” project at

Crowdfunding is a new approach to supporting arts projects of all types, with the artists offering a range of incentives and thank-yous to anyone who wants to help fund the project (even in a small way), the “pledges” only being cashed-in if the project target gets fully reached and the project goes ahead.

Wefund is just one such UK-based crowdfunding platform but seems to be well-established and widely endorsed. Using this method, Wes successfully raised all the backing he needed for his album and it subsequently received much appreciation and critical acclaim.

If any of you have a quality project that you think may attract crowdfunding, give us a shout and we’ll be happy to explain more.