Imagine yourself in Amsterdam, back in the eighties… (even if you weren’t born then!) You walk into the legendary Café Cor-rupt on Ceintuurbaan and the (equally legendary) bar-keeper, Cor, hands you his guitar and says “play us a song, whatever you like…”.

Alas, Cor-rupt is now just a fond memory for the many who laughed, loved and sang there, but the spirit lives on and the guitar is still sounding sweet, waiting for the next tune…

If you would like to join the legend and “play us a song, whatever you like…” on Cor’s old Martin D-28 (solo, duo or even small band), just give us a shout and we’ll fix up a date to get your tune filmed for this site, in the free and finest spirit of Cor-rupt!… and we may even tell you why the Café Cor-rupt was NEVER accused of being a coffee bar!

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A new life for an old guitar owned by a dear friend, missed by all that knew him